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  • Rockland County Educational Article of the Month - What Causes Rockland County Rodent Population Growth and Infestations

What Causes Rockland County Rodent Population Growth and Infestations

Rodents are getting used to humans. They tend to live in their neighborhoods, eat their food and drink their water. They are, however, never welcome in human populated areas because they seriously impact the way of life and can affect the quality of it too. Rockland County rodents tend to mate a lot more than humans and they multiply a lot in a short time.

The common cause
The reason of population growth in New York rodents is often due to the fact that they found a safe place to nest and mate. They are provided with the right factors including
Food from the human environment – Humans tend to produce a lot of food waste. Rodents and creatures alike find this very appealing and they often feast on this garbage. They are small in size so they don't need much to survive, but in human neighborhoods they have a plenty of choice
Water – Wherever we live there is a plenty amount of water. This is of a particular interest to other living beings including rodents.
Shelter – The coziness of the human households often protect the Rockland County rodents from their natural predators. Their size is often the culprit of them fitting in areas where bigger predators cannot reach so they nest safely inside of your attic, in your walls and even under your house.

Breeding quickly
Rodents are known for breeding quickly and their population increases because of the constant reproduction process. This causes the infestations getting out of hand quickly. The presence of one rodent may be a sign that your household is already infested or that it will be in the short future. You should deal with these nuisance animals as quickly as possible.

Dealing with the infestation
Acting quickly is always the most crucial step to take when you are dealing with New York rodent infestation. Decide on whether you're going to remove the rodents by yourself and go into the local wildlife removal store. If you don't happen to be brave enough or lack the time needed for this, consider calling some professional help to get your home clean from wildlife.

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