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  • Rockland County Educational Article of the Month - How to Get a Rockland County Raccoon Out of a Tree

How to Get a Rockland County Raccoon Out of a Tree

Raccoons, unlike other animals, are not afraid of humans. This can cause problems as us humans are not favorable to the Rockland County raccoon. However, if a raccoons land has been destroyed for human development it may return to the site due to the fact that it knows that there once was food there. In the lead-up to winter, you may notice more raccoons living in trees, in order to prepare for the winter. This may be a problem for you if they have decided a tree near your house is prime real estate, as at the end of the day they do carry varying diseases as well as the risk they can cause to your pets.

How to get rid of a raccoon in a tree
The easiest and the safest way for you to deal with a New York raccoon and you have no experience is to call a professional who will remove if the animal safely and locate it somewhere where it is safe. The cost of the medical bills if you contract a disease far outweighs the cost of an animal control operator. But once the racoon is out of the tree you haven't quite finished.

Securing the tree
The best form of offence is defense. What I mean by this is ensure that there is no way for the same, (or any for that matter) Rockland County raccoon to get back into your tree. Do basic maintenance on the tree such as cutting the low hanging branches down, probably ensuring that the lowest branch is around 40 inches (1 metre) off the ground (so even the larger raccoons will not be able to climb up on them). Another way to raccoon proof your tree is by putting a collar on it. Something that makes gripping virtually impossible (as they are very good climbers too), and ensuring that it surrounds the tree entirely and is high enough (probably best to go for again around 40 inch high collars) and that there is enough space around the tree (3 inches extra from the bark).

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