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  • Rockland County Educational Article of the Month - Knowing the Difference Between Rockland County Pest Control and Wildlife Removal

Knowing the Difference Between Rockland County Pest Control and Wildlife Removal

These terms seem to be thrown around these days, but understanding the difference between a Rockland County pest and a wild animal is crucial. Wildlife is defined as undomesticated form of animal. Wildlife includes but is not limited to every large mammalian species of animals. Pests can be part of the wildlife too, but often include smaller creatures that are harming your property or your health. Knowing how to distinguish the two may be of help when trying to call in the professionals to get rid of your problem.

Wildlife removal
Services that provide wildlife removal often provide services for removal of these New York animal types:
• Small rodents and mice
• New York Rats
• Opossums
• Raccoons
• Voles
• Moles
• Rockland County Squirrels
• Foxes
• Larger mammalian species like bears and deer
Wildlife removal is more humane and requires more attention as these animals are larger and in most cases require live traps. However there are some inhumane methods to the removal of these animals and learning what is the company doing in order to remove your nuisance wildlife may prove crucial in the selection of the company.

Pest control
Pest control often includes removal of:
• Termites
• Fleas
• Bed bugs
• Other types of insects and small creatures that may damage your property or affect the quality of life of the human inhabitants

Pest controllers will almost always use poison to remove the pests from your household or your garden or farm. These New York pests are not going to be set free in the outdoors. All companies tend to destroy these types of animals so that they can't breed and make more damage to you or your property

Who to call?
Investigate what kind of animal are you dealing with in order to find information about who to call to deal with your problem. In most cases Rockland County wildlife control companies have pest removal services too so you shouldn't look far to get your problem sorted. Try to get the professionals to your house in order to gain information about what you're dealing with and then get the problem solved. Knowing the different terminology may save you a few bucks and get your problem solved quicker.

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